Aashram Chapter 3 Release Date, Story, Review

Aashram Chapter 3 Release Date, Story, Review
Aashram Chapter 3 Release Date by MX Player

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As most awaited chapter 2 gets released on 11th October 2020. Aashram web series lovers are eagerly waiting for the release of the Aashram Chapter 3 or Aashram Season 2. Aashram is a flagship web series of the MX Player OTT platform. Importantly it is free to watch for everyone on MX Player.

Here in this post, I will answer all the questions you have about Aashram Chapter 3. Mostly viewers are searching is it worth watching Aashram web series, when will be Aashram Chapter 3 will release, will there be Aashram Chapter 3 or Aashram Season 2, Aashram Chapter 3 kab release hoga, is Aashram web series based on true story? I will answer all the questions one by one here. So let’s begin…

Release Date of Aashram Chapter 3

Unfortunately there is no any official release date announced for chapter 3. But if we look at the release date of previous chapters, Aashram Chapter 1 was release in August 2020. Last episode of Aashram Chapter 1 shows the trailer and highlights of Chapter 2 at the end and therefore chapter 2 was release 2 months later on 11th November 2020.

Aashram Chapter 2 didn’t show any highlights of next chapter 3 or season 3, so it is going to take more time than it took between chapter 1 and 2. As per the past experience it can be predict that Aashram Chapter 3 will release in the late 2021.

Story and Plot (Reasons to Watch Chapter 3)

The story of Chapter 2 ends with Pummy succeed to escape from the Aashram with the help of Akki. Akki manages to get revenge against killer of his mother.

The new season of Aashram if comes either with Chapter 3 or Season 2.

Pummy and Babita to take revenge against Baba Nirala

We will see how Pummy busted the image of Aashram and its internal crime. Pummy will also take revenge of his brother’s killer, Bhopa Singh. Babita will also help Pummy to take revenge against his husband’s killer.

Ujagar Singh and Natasha to Reveal Aashram’s Secret

Ujagar Sing and Natasha will again join together to reveal reality of Baba Nirala and Aashram. They are investigating Mohini’s death. During their investigation they found the drug business in the Aashram as well.

Suspense from Chapter 2

In last season, there was small screenplay of Ishwarlal. His daughter Shanobar is kept in Aashram against his will. Ishwarlal himself went underground and reach of Baba’s goons. Also after the election result Hukum Sing will becomes Chief Minister. So CM Sundar Lal will also against Baba and his Aashram. Sundar Lal has secret file against Baba Nirala from the first chapter.

Previous Chapter Reviews

Aashram Chapter 1 is all about how Pummy and Satti influence by Baba’s Aashram and help to poor people. In Aashram, Baba doing illegal business of drugs. Along the way a skeleton of a girl is found in a near by forest and an investigation further goes to Baba’s ashram. Read Full Review of Aashram Chapter 1 Story, Cast and Review

Chapter 2 is about how Baba helps in election to both parties. Baba takes helps from Tinka Singh, a youth icon to attract young generation. Pummy get to know real face of Baba and how he molested herself and Babita along with other women from the ashram. Read Full Review of Aashram Chapter 2 Story, Cast and Review

imdb rating: 7.5/10

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