Bullets Web Series On MX Player – Story, Cast And Reviews

Bullets Web Series On MX Player – Story, Cast And Reviews
Bullets 2020 Indian Web Series Sunny Leon

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Bullets web series is an action crime thriller show, released on MX Player on 8th January 2021. Bullets web series was originally made as a feature film, And that was named as Tina And Lolo. But now It has been reformed as mini web series.

The actual release of this series was October 2020. But, again it delayed and released on 8th of January. Sunny Leone, Karishma Tanna and Deepak Tijori are in lead roles in this mini web series.


Hemant Korade (Vivek Vaswani) is a powerful politician. His son Sunil is going to launch city’s most popular and niche pub. At the launching event, He is trying to abuse her girlfriend Tina (Sunny Leone).

On the other side, Lolo (Karishma Tanna) is trying to collect some data from Hemant Korade’s office. She hears some noise from another room and reaches there. She finds Sunil is trying to abuse Tina. They both, Tina and Lolo resist him and Sunil gets killed. Police arrives at the crime scene, but Tina and Lolo manages to run away from crime scene.

Hemant Korade pressures police to solve the case as early as possible. On the other side, Ketu (Dipak Tijori) who is a loyal to Korade family, tries to track the girls separately from the police. He finds both of them in a far away lodge from the city. and attacked. But Tina and Lolo again succeed in this chase.

Ketu is continuously tracking both of them. Unaware of this fact, they both are relaxing in a pool but they soon realize that they have been located and somebody is coming after them. Now Lolo decides to take the police in confidence by sharing the secrets collected from Korade’s office on the day of murder.

What’s Next ?

Lolo’s plan worked, police believed in her. And with the help of police, Tina and Lolo reaches Malaysia away from all the trouble. But they were unable to escape Ketu, who catches both the girls. Now, what will happen ?

Will Tina and Lolo able to chase this run ? Are they really murderer of Sunil Korade ? What are the secrets of Hemant Korade, Which are collected by Lolo ? I am not going to reveal these secrets here. It will be good to watch these super sexy and stunning girls on the screen.

Bullets Official Trailer

Bullets | Official Trailer | Sunny Leone | Karishma Tanna | Action | MX Original Series | MX Player

Directed By

Bullets web series is directed by Devang Dholakia. He is a Director as well as Producer in Bollywood. Some of his films are Ek Din 24 Ghante, 3 Nights 4 Days, Tina And Lolo and Kuch Kuch Locha Hai.

Bullets Web Series Cast

Bullets Web Series Episodes

The Bullets web series contains six episodes and each episode consumes approx 20 to 30 minutes. That is as long as one feature film.

Bullets Review

The story is average. Direction is not that much sharp. The girls looks stunning through out the show. Dipak Tijori is average as always. Sunny Leone is the only cast, which will attract the viewers towards this show.

Final Words

If you are a sunny Leone fan, you should watch this series. Other wise there is no any string reason to watch this feature film cum mini series.

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Bullets IMDb Rating: 6.1 / 10

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