Chakravyuh Web Series On MX Player

Chakravyuh Web Series On MX Player
Chakravyuh Web Series

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Chakravyuh web series is a cybercrime thriller show streaming on the MX Player OTT platform. The web series is released on 12th March 2021. Pratik Babbar and Simran Kaur Mundi are in the lead roles in this web series.


The plot is based on social media and cybercrime. Prateik Babbar plays the powerful role of Inspector Virkar.

The web series starts with a murder of a young teenager. Inspector Virkar starts investigating the case. As the investigation progresses, he comes to know that, there is more than one person are involved in this murder.

When he digs more into the case, he finds the next target of the killers. It will be interesting to see this chase now.

Chakravyuh Web Series Official Trailer

Chakravyuh – An Inspector Virkar Crime Thriller | Official Trailer | MX Original Series | MX Player

Directed By

The series has been directed by Sajit Warrier. He is working as a film director, producer as well as writer in the Bollywood industry. Some of his creations are Fired, pop cop, Taxi Tales: Mumbai, and Disco Valley.

Chakravyuh Web Series Episodes

This crime thriller web series consists of eight episodes. Each episode consumes almost 30 minutes.

Ep1 – Phishing [ 30 minutes ]

Ep2 – Click Bait [ 27 minutes ]

Ep3 – Malware [ 30 minutes ]

Ep4 – Proxy [ 29 minutes ]

Ep5 – Access Denied [ 27 minutes ]

Ep6 – Side Jacking [ 32 minutes ]

Ep7 – Trojan [ 29 minutes ]

Ep8 – Antivirus [ 30 minutes ]

Chakravyuh Web Series Cast

Chakravyuh Web Series Review

The cyber-crime story becomes common nowadays. MX Player already represented erotic cybercrime Hello Mini 2 before few days. Though the concept is different, the theme is the same.

The plot is great, but the storytelling is average. Prateik Babbar is the only character with some good performance. I am saying good. not the best. The role of the Inspector is not matching him perfectly. but that’s not much bad.

The supporting cast is average. Some comedy scenes between crime scenes look foolish. So, I can say there is a lot of unnecessary content is served to drag the show.

Final Words

Overall, It’s an average crime thriller show. It’s ok, if you skip it. And If you are planning to see it, then don’t expect too much from the show.

Chakravyuh IMDb Rating: 6 / 10

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