Hello Mini Season 2 Review, Cast, Story & Episodes – MX Player

Hello Mini Season 2 Review, Cast, Story & Episodes – MX Player
Hello Mini Season 2 - Release Date, Cast, Review & Story

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Hello Mini is a very popular web series by MX Player. It is directed by Arjun Shrivasstava. Hello Mini Season 1 was released on 1st October 2019. Web Series lovers are eagerly waiting for Hello Mini Season 2 as season 1 ends with many unanswered questions.

Finally Season 2 is going to release on 26th February 2021. There are few new cast included. So let’s don’t waste time and start details for it.

Hello Mini Plot

Season 1 shows how Rivanah was influence by stranger. With the help of police they find colleague and her college student of Rivanah at the end. But very soon they get to know that the stranger is not him but someone else.

Season 2 is all about Riya, a classmate of Rivanah who did suicide. A stranger is back in Rivanah’s life. Danny’s best friend suddenly appears in her life and it continuously tortures Rivanah. Watch this masterpiece to know who the actual stranger is and why stranger is helping and harassing Rivanah.

Hello Mini Season 2 Story

Grover follows Rivanah

Grover injects Rivanah in a pub to know about stranger. Due to drug Rivanah becomes half conscious on the road. She is saved by an old man. Rivanah escapes from road and reach to her apartment. She tries to cut her wrist, but saved by someone. Wheh she wake up she find herself in a hotel room with dream of Riya try to kill her. Grover continuously follows her and try to kill her. A person helps him to escape from grover and kills grover. They are 3 persons with same face.

Back in past, someone tells her grover tries to kill her. Nitya try to explain Rivanah about her relationship with Danny and their marriage. Rivanah again goes in search to Riya and talks with stragner and giving her a last chance to get close to Riya. Rivanah finds Riya in a pub and tries to contact her, but failed. Finally 2 persons shown to end the episode.

Tista helps Rivanah

Tista, a new employee in Rivanah’s office, an ethical hacker, helps her by hacking Vinay’s desktop by running porn videos. She becomes friends with Rivanah.

Hello Mini Season 2 Official Trailer

Hello Mini Season 2 Cast

Other Star Cast

Dhananjay Kapoor as Mr. Banerjee
Summer Jacob
Ambika Nayak
Darshana Banik
Joy Sengupta
Abhinav Sharma
Vinit Sharma
Gaurav Chopra
Atul Gaonkar
Abhishek Sharma
Nitesh Kumar
Harnam Singh Sandhu
Om Kanojiya
Siddharth Dhanda
Yusuf Ferryman
Anjam Gulati
Saurabh Khushwaha
Vikrant Koul
Pradeep Kumar
Ravi Kumar
Aditya Narayan
Joy Sengupta
Abhinav Sharma
Kumud Shaw
Kailash Chand Singh
Ravneet Singh
Arpit Soni
Amit Singh Thakur
Nishank Verma

Hello Mini Season 2 Episodes

1st Episode: Get ready to die, Mini
2nd Episode: Bring him to me, Mini
3rd Episode: Danny deserves better, Mini
4th Episode: Last chance, Mini
5th Episode: Dare not defy me, Mini
6th Episode: She’s gone, Mini
7th Episode: Face your fears, Mini
8th Episode: You’re under arrest, Mini
9th Episode: Save her, Mini
10th Episode: Well done, Mini

Hello Mini Season 2 Review

Coming Soon

Hello Mini Season 2 IMDB Rating : 8.9/10

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