JL 50 Web Series Review, Cast, Story – SonyLiv

JL 50 Web Series Review, Cast, Story – SonyLiv

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Abhay Deol starer, JL 50 is a latest web series by SonyLiv based on mysterious time travel story. It has total 4 episodes with unique title for the story which sums up the whole series in a power packed mystery.

JL 50 Story

In Kolkata, an on going CBI investigation on recently crashed flight with number AO 26. During investigation they know that the flight they found is not AO 26, but it is JL 50. The investigation takes a dramatic turn when they find out that the crashed flight JL 50 has took off 35 year ago. And eventually went missing. Abhay Deol a CBI investigation officer unfolds this mystery by his mind blowing investigation.

Release Date: 04 September 2020
Total Episodes: 4
Directed By: Shailender Vyas
A mysterious time travel story of a plan crash 35 years ago. A must watch web series.


Abhay Deol
Pankaj Kapoor
Ritika Anand
Piyush Mishra
Rajesh Sharma

Abhay Deol is in lead role in JL 50. He is playing the character of CBI investigation officer name Shantanu.


1st Episode : The Crash
2nd Episode: The Conspiracy
3rd Episode: The Unfolding
4th Episode: The Other Plan

JL 50 Review

In one sentence, JL 50 is a Hindi time travel mystery web series by SonyLiv. From trailers it looks an awesome story with good acting by the whole cast.

Directed and written by Shailender Vyas, JL 50 is Hindi web series from SonyLiv. A CBI investigation for a recent plane crash “AO 26” by officer Shantanu played by Abhay Deol takes a dramatic turn when a flight found by the army officials is not “AO 26”, but it is JL 50 which took off 35 years ago. The whole story revolve around to solve this mystery. In between there is an Azad Bangla Association who claims to hijack flight “AO 06”.

With engaging and fascinating story it keeps you with the story. The story is well balanced, well written and catch you along with it. Time travel is a scientific subject which is still a mystery with few incidents in the past. The subject is unique and it’s a thrill to watch the suspense in each episodes.

If you are a suspense or mystery or scientific story lover this is the series for you. Two hours of entertainment with thrill. All the characters played good role. All in all its a must watch for web series lovers without any doubt.

JL 50 Final Words

Its a must watch for suspense or mystery lovers. Fully entertaining and good locations with engaging story. All the actors are done a great job. The topic time travel on which the whole story revolving is new for the Indian fans, and it is much more exciting to watch than Hindi films now a days.

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