WandaVision Release Dates, Cast And Reviews

WandaVision Release Dates,  Cast And Reviews
Wanda Vision

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WandaVision is an American action comedy web series releasing on Disney Plus Hotstar on 15th of January 2020. Marvel Studios is the production company for this series. It’s a blend of classic television and the marvel cinematic universe.

WandaVision Story

The series is based on Marvel Comics characters Wanda and Vision. Elizabeth Olsen is playing the role of Wanda Maximoff ans Paul Bettany has played the role of vision.

The story continues from the stories of very successful movie Avengers: Endgame, which has been released in 2019. Wanda and Vision, the couple is living an ideal life in a suburban area of the Westview town. They enter into the new decades, and sees that, the things are not happening as they seem.

First two episodes are released now and it shows that Wanda and Vision are struggling to conceal their powers at initial level, during the dinner with Vision’s boss and his wife.

They both organized a magic show and pleased their neighbours with their skills. During these episodes, the setting is changed from 1950 to 1960 and then colorful 1970s.

WandaVision Official Trailer

Directed By

Matt Shakman

The series has been directed by Matt Shakman. Who is an American director and a former child actor.

Some of his directions are The Great, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Fargo and Game Of Thrones.

He is also working as a Television as well as Theatre director.

Is WandaVision a prequel or sequel? / Is WandaVision after endgame?

The WandaVision mini web series is a sequel of Avengers: End Game and prequel of Doctor Strange.

WandaVision Characters

Wanda maximoff and Vision are the only characters in this mini series. They are from marvel family. If you have seen marvel movies, you must be familiar with these two characters. And if you are unaware of marvel universe, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the show.

WandaVision Cast

Episodes – WandaVision Episodes Release Dates

WandaVision episode 1 and 2 are going to release on 15th of January, 2021. And will run total Nine episodes until March 5,2021.

Ep1: Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience [ 15 Jan 2021 ]

Ep2: Don’t Touch That Dial [ 15 Jan 2021 ]

Ep3: Now In Color [ 22 Jan 2021 ]

Ep4: We Interrupt This Program [ 29 Jan 2021 ]

Ep5: WandaVision Episode 5 will be released on 5 Feb 2021

Ep6: 12 Feb 2021

Ep7: 19 Feb 2021

Ep8: 26 Feb 2021

Ep9: 5 Mar 2021


The series is going to be launch on 15th of January. And None of the episodes are revealed yet. But i am sure that, the series gonna be a blockbuster and viewers will have refreshing content to watch after a very long time.

Watch WandaVision Online On Disney Plus Hotstar

WandaVision IMDb Rating: 7.8 / 10

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