Zid Web Series Story, Cast & Review – Zee5

Zid Web Series Story, Cast & Review – Zee5
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Jeet Ki Zid is a ZEE5 Original action thriller web series starring Amit Sadh, Amrita Puri, and Sushant Singh. Based on a true story, the series is an inspiring tale of a soldier whose never give up attitude helps him overcome tough challenges and turn the impossible into possible. Zid will be releasing on 22nd January 2021.

Story – Zid Web Series Story

Civilians Rescue

Major Deep Singh, an officer of an Indian Army gets instructions to keep the area under surveillance as terrorists hostages civilians and kept them in a school in Hawaipura area in Kashmir. During their journey memories of Deep in a school sports competition is shown, where he has fights with his classmates. His brother Rajat saves him. During their visit to Kashmir, they get caught by terrorists. In present Deep ignores instructions and rescues civilian hostages from a school. Deep got injured during the operation and found a backup plan of the terrorists. This reminds memories of Deep Singh’s training in IMA(Indian Military Academy).

Deep’s Hospital Stay & Meet Jaya

Due to an injury, Deep is admitted to hospital, where he receives an invitation to attend his friend’s marriage. This reminds memory of how he becomes a friend of Surya, an officer from other company. They had a boxing match and becomes friends and his time with him. Deep sneaks out of hospital in unconventional way with to attend the marriage. Deep meets Jaya in marriage and they have instant between them.

Deep’s decision to join IMA

In past, deep as a child starts to be active and win competitions. In his younger age, he joins IMA despite his parents are against it. He fails in first attempt, but rejoins the special forces task. During his training, Ranjeet Chaudhary takes on him and always humiliates him.

Relationship with Jaya

Deep gets close to Jaya after frequent argues from his mother about his marriage. They spent some good time together.

In between Ranjeet’s tough training is shown, where he teaches how a special force officer is tortured after captured. How to fight a battle and save themselves and important lessons.

15 Days Challenge

Deep’s habit of sneaking out of the hospital, his Commanding Officer challenge him to prove that he’s fit within 15 days. Deep takes up the challenge and starts a rigorous exercises to win the challenge. He informs about his challenge to Jaya. He also informs Jaya about the tasks given to him by Col. Ranjeet Chaudhary.

Trailer – Zid Official Trailer

Director – Zid Director

Vishal Mangalorkar is the director of Zid web series releasing on 22nd January 2021.

Cast – Zid Cast & Crew

Amit Sadh as Major Deep Singh
Amrita Puri as Jaya Singh
Sushant Singh as Col. Ranjeet Chaudhary
Ali Goni
Mrinal Kulkarni
Paritosh Sand
Gagan Randhawa
Preet Karan Phawa

Episodes – Zid Episodes

1st Episode: A Personel Reason [33 minutes]
2nd Episode: Thirty Seconds [40 minutes]
3rd Episode: Balidaan [46 minutes]
4th Episode: Kargil [42 minutes]
5th Episode: Suicide [43 minutes]
6th Episode: Bloody Loser! [43 minutes]
7th Episode: The Army Behind The Army [46 minutes]

Zidd Review

All the things like Acting, Cinematography,Story line,Background Score and Direction everything is amazing.

This series is all about, Never Give Up On Your Dreams, Your Love/Relationship, and your Life And a Mentor.

A must watch web series before the Republic day. This series tells us how is the life of soldiers and special force commandos and how they trained to live in a worst possible situations. Sushant Singh as – Colonal Ranjeet Chaudhary, is Brilliant! His body language, attitude, discipline all upto the mark and best suites for a military trainer.

Amrita Puri looks super cute and gave wonderful performance. She inspires all the women to belief in them and how the life of wife of a army person is.

Amit Sadh is brilliant in lead role. His performances are levelling up with each role. I was stunned to watch him again play a Special Force Officer. He has always played different role and this one is also worth lot of Appreciations. Amit as Army officer is indeed such a pleasure to watch.

Final Words

A must watch series. Gives you an inspiration in your bad time. All the cast performs well. Story is based on true life events of Major Deep Singh. Hats off to him. There are many more such heros which are unknown to us and web series’s like this shows us the real heros.

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Zidd IMDb Rating: 8.6 / 10

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